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You will begin to see that most of those who are living lives that seem very aligned to you now – they were not always that way. You do not come into physical understanding and remembering it all and just go through life remembering it all. It does not happen that way.

Your physical experience is about expansion, is about expansion and remembering who you truly be, and playing with that, and integrating who you truly be into your physical experience. And oh the joy of figuring that out! And so, you are setting yourself up for great joy by having this experience that feels so bad. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We would even invite you, to look back into your past, into your recent past, or into your distant past, for times that you had fun, or times that you have volunteered, or given of yourself to someone else, or made someone else feel better, or supported someone else… any of these times that you can think of, “Oh, yes, Universe, I forgot to ask for my payment for that! Thank you!”

Think of all the abundance you have built up and not let in yet!
It is just waiting for you to loose the bonds – let it flow. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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We wish to speak to you about those who have left your life, about those who WILL Leave your life… We know that there are times that you feel – because of your history together, because of your loving joyful history together – that you should be able to bring them into your Now… that there are times that you want to interact with them in your Now… We will say that it is ok to bless them, to shine love on the connection that you shared, to appreciate the benefit that you received from your connection and to allow yourself to move forward.

Allow your thoughts to be loving. But enjoy your Now perspective. Enjoy those who are Now in your life. The right people will be drawn to you.

There is no need to try to make an old relationship fit the mold of a new relationship that you are ready for… are in alignment with now. ~Aaron Connection

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At this time you are undergoing great change… the cells of your body are changing and your connection to your higher knowing, to your remembering your truth is stronger… and as your body is adjusting to this you are noticing the feelings that come with your adjustment.

Many times in the past for you, and many times for others in physical, when this begins to happen they begin to think that something is wrong and we are here to tell you that nothing is wrong – you are just adjusting to fit your higher physical blending position at this point.

And we appreciate your recognizing of it without allowing yourself to fall into the “something’s really wrong” stage that many can fall into. You have maintained your curiosity about it which is a good thing because you have now called us to you to explain it to you in this manner.

It is just a shift and you can ride this out and you will soon be feeling better than ever before. But we wish for you to recognize that you can release some of your beliefs about the need for sleep that you had before.

Sleep is still a good thing, but you can begin to adjust your feelings and your beliefs about the amount of sleep that is necessary for you. For, as you spend more and more time in conscious connection, or conscious awareness of your divinity there is not as much need for physical sleep as you had before.**

You can do shorter amounts of sleeping at night, if you wish, and during your day if you begin to feel weary, or feel a lack of sleep you can take a few minutes to meditate or to meditate/nap… Napitate. Yes, you can take a little napitate which will revitalize you. It will rejuvenate you in ways that are much greater than naps previously would, or than 8 hours sleep at night often would. And so we want you to be open to recognizing that everything is going right and you are upleveling. ~Aaron

**Please recognize that this response was related to a specific questioner. This is not meant for everybody at all times – although you may feel resonance with this answer.**

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Fear is often a mask that your greatest joy wears – very often.

Stephanie experienced this with us. She was terrified of us. She was terrified of this connection and of allowing it forth to others – presenting it to others. And yet, when she sits here with us… ahhh the bliss, the bliss – pure bliss.

And she had great fear. Yes, that fear is the mask that your bliss wears. And when you recognize that, we wish for you to remember that – It’s just a mask. That means that there is something really good for me there.

Go for it. ~Aaron

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There is no action step needed other than opening to joyful moments – making space for those moment, saying yes to those moments, finding appreciation, more remembering moments from the past. Feeling happy is the key. ~Aaron

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Merry Way

As long as you remember to ground yourself in love, to turn back to love, and allow yourself to feel the discord when it shows up… don’t beat yourself up about the discord, but turn back to love and you will continue flowing on your merry way. ~Aaron

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