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We will say to you, that we appreciate that you have all come together at this time, at this point, where you can connect so intimately, where you can recognize the Teacher, the God within each one of you, where you can recognize your reflection in the other beings that you are interacting with, with the other being that you are resonating with.

We want you to recognize also that there is not one, we repeat this, there is not one on this earth who is better than you, yes.

Your divine purpose shines brightly dear one and we appreciate that you heard the call to be with us at this time and we appreciate that you hear and are following the calls that you receive yourself, yes. Beautiful, Dear One, beautiful. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You are in a place, in a space within your life where you can create anew. We Know and Feel and resonate with your great power and ability to bring more light into your world. And We enjoy being on the ride with you. And we appreciate you and others like you who have gone forth into this experience for the expansion of us all.
And we can see that you are taking in so much, that your loving and appreciative focus will change your experience for the better and you will be a shining light for others.
As you are now, it will be more so. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We resonate with you, we resonate through you.

We be the One with You. We be the one who is plural through all.

There are none who are separate from us.

They may perceive us differently than you. They may not resonate with this concept of you speaking words from our vibration. THAT is perfectly fine, dear one.

You are not all meant to have the same beliefs feelings and perspectives. That would make this adventure into physical, pointless. You are here for the expansion.

You can not experience the expansion if there is nothing that challenges you. Enjoy the challenges, dear one. Appreciate them.  ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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It is good for you to be able to feel your way through.

It is good for you to be able to feel the joy of the discovery.

It is good for you to be able to tune in, notice the nuances of vibration.

It is all about vibration, dear one. It is all about vibration.

When you can tune in and notice the slight nuances that cause you come into focus more clearly, more clearly into focus and alignment with your higher self, the part of us that exists in full consciousness beyond the physicality of your body, you can come into better alignment, you can fine tune your receptivity to our vibration.  ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say that from HERE, from beyond your physical now experience, there is no time, there is no space, so all of your experiences are happening and interacting with one another at all times. We would say that there are those who have asked us about their past lives and Yes, you may look at some of them as “past lives” but we will say that they are not “past” to us. Future lives – they are not future to us. You are able to interact from your now position with any other position on your timeline that you would like. We would also say that because we are all One, who is plural – Yes, you have your singular expression who is coming forth into different lives, but you also – you meld and interact with others to come forth into one, you can tap into the experiences that others have also. So nothing is withheld from you.

Looking back on past lives, you can look into anything you would like, anything that resonates and may bring answering to you. It is not so boxed up as you often think of it as. You are very powerful beings. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We wish to acknowledge you for understanding your creative role in all of this that you are experiencing, and we wish to say that you are doing so well, but you will recognize that you have remnants of an old belief that is still resonating for you.

You have remnants of an old belief that holds you back from allowing yourself to experience the fullness of what you truly desire. And this is – it is only a belief that you have created. And in the same way that you created that belief you can create a new belief. ~Aaron Connection

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We are going to invite you to play with loving your body, nurturing your body.
In the mornings, before you ingest anything else, we invite you to Consciously ingest a full glass of water. And we wish for you to BLESS this water, IMBUE this water with high vibration in any way that feels right to you.
But we wish for you to CONSCIOUSLY, before you drink it, consecrate this water. Consecrate this water with love, with physical enjoyment, with abundance, with whatever it is that you would like to be flowing and vibrating through your body, and resonating through your body.
And then, slowly drink this water as a prayer of appreciation.

The water is so important for your physical being. Important for the alignment of your physical being with your spiritual self. And we know that there are many who have many beliefs and fears about water and if you find yourself having any of those, do whatever you need to do to the water for yourself to feel good about ingesting water.
But, we invite you to ingest this consecrated water as a prayer for your body – A prayer of appreciation and love. And, mmm, we can see you envisioning it moving through your body, this water flowing through your body and soothing your body, easing your body, creating a vibrational barrier or magnet of love, so that which you ingest afterwards will come into harmony with the water that is flowing through your body.
Play with that. ~Aaron Connection

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