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What is this sadness about, yes?
The sadness is about you feeling that you did not serve her well. That is what it is about. …
We say to you: Fine. Take responsibility for that in whatever way you want.

Hold it in your hands like papery thin petals, blow at it with a puff of air and allow it to fly away. Yes?

… Dear one, you served her well. You loved her dearly. You saw her magnificence and you sought to help her see her magnificence, but she is on her own journey, dear one.
She must find her own way. ~Solarum

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We will remind you that your first responsibility in this experience is to love You. And from loving YOU, from loving yourself, then the love can better filter out to others.
When you choose to love others INSTEAD of loving yourself, that is not true.
You must start with loving YOU. You must start with caring for YOU. And that is the main lesson for most all of you in physical is to learn how to love yourself first, love yourself better. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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This is another calling to be centered in Love, to be centered in Love for You, but also to be centered in the Knowing of the Perfection of the Journey that each one chooses. And allowing yourself to release, to release the feeling of Responsibility to Action when the responsibility is to LOVE.

We must say to you that love is not a vibration that is resonant with worry. It is not resonant with it. Many of you in physical believe that it is – that worry is an expression of love. It is not. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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He pointed out some nervous energy around the flow of money and he used the word “income.”

And to you, that word triggered you to slide downward into some old beliefs that are not a match for who you now be or where you are now going.

The word income, for you, triggered ideas and beliefs about responsibility, about lack – there you are. That is the primary concept that tied you up and bogged you down. The word “income” to you, triggered feelings of Lack.

And we delight in this triggering. We delight in this triggering you because it propels you, compels you to shift – to either shift to a better feeling by building new beliefs… or to continue feeling worse and worse and worse.

You know too much at this point to continue allowing yourself to move toward the worse. And so, consider it…

Consider it like winning a game or being given a gift when you recognize these negatively triggering concepts in your life – because you have just been gifted with the awareness that will allow you to move toward alignment. ~Aaron

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