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We are beginning to take you new places. (laughter)
And you may wonder how many more new places we can take you!

And of course, we say there is always MORE, dear one. There is always more.

And we say that we work with you in interaction, in conjunction, with where you BE, with where you are going.

We have the knowing. We have the satisfaction, the ease, of knowing how this will all turn out. Yes?

And this does not mean that it is already written. Yes?

It means that we know of the divine unfolding. We know of our connection to you in this moment that is Now as we know all moments.

We do not have to be limited to your timeline perspective, for our perspective is beyond that. ~Solarum

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When you had your potato chips and you were munching down on your potato chips and you stopped and you thought about it and you were aware of what you were doing and you allowed yourself to recognize the different perceptions you could have about this – and that you HAVE had about this action…

The most recent perception that you would have, to chomping down on potato chips like that, is one of guilt, is one of an idea that you are doing something wrong for your body – you are doing something bad. Yes?

But another perception that you have held in your life, that you held when you were younger, that you held before you were 20, you held the perception that eating the chips was FUN, that eating the chips was delicious, that eating the chips was satisfying something within you. Yes.

The vibration that we want you to pick up on is the fun, and as you realized that, and as you allowed that, and as you activated that, …well, when you are having fun you are doing good for your body. As so, based only on a shift in your perception, you can change the eating of the chips from something that is bad to something that is beneficial. Any time that you are activating a vibration of FUN in your experience, that benefits you. It benefits your vibration. It benefits your physical being.

FUN is a nutrient we would like you to enjoy ever more in your life. Yes. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Answering question about “crying for no reason:”

It is a release valve, and when you can begin to recognize it as such and appreciate it, you can flow straight from the tears into a feeling of satisfaction, into happiness and joy very easily.

It is a part of the physical mechanics of you “upleveling” just as the changes in sleep are.

You may feel yourself called to many changes and we invite you to be open to acknowledging the changes that you are being called to. When you feel yourself being called to eat differently or move differently… (…) Your body is calling for that and you are aware enough to hear that call and to head it. Yes, and we invite you to be open to this – to be open to recognizing what you are called to that will bring you feelings of joy, feelings of wellness, feelings of alignment. ~Aaron

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