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What is this sadness about, yes?
The sadness is about you feeling that you did not serve her well. That is what it is about. …
We say to you: Fine. Take responsibility for that in whatever way you want.

Hold it in your hands like papery thin petals, blow at it with a puff of air and allow it to fly away. Yes?

… Dear one, you served her well. You loved her dearly. You saw her magnificence and you sought to help her see her magnificence, but she is on her own journey, dear one.
She must find her own way. ~Solarum

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You, dear one, have agreed to serve in this way.
It is ok for you to be questioning. It is alright for you to be uncertain.

As you ask for certainty, as you participate and play in the connection with us, your certainty will be revealed. ~Aaron

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We want to acknowledge you for being out there, playing in your physical form, bumping around… expanding the universe through your feelings, your thoughts, your physicalness.

There is much appreciation for all of you who have come forth into physical, who have gone forth to serve as triune beings. ~Aaron

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