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We will use this term with you which we have used before of “being on a Joy Safari.”

And if you were on a safari you would be looking for these magnificent animals and beasts that you do not normally see in your life. When you are on a Joy Safari in your life you are looking for those things that bring you joy and appreciation that are “hiding” among your daily life.

As you are consciously looking for them, getting out your binoculars and looking for them, ahhhh… you will feel such excitement when you spot them, when you recognize them. And you begin to gather all of these experiences of having spotted these moments, these moments of joy, these things to appreciate… oh, you will have such bliss sharing your Joy Safari with others. ~Aaron

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Find YOUR way. Feel your way into your expansion. Your way is the right way for you and it is the right way for many who will be looking to you. And, through your experiencing you become the teacher by sharing what you have lived and experienced. ~Aaron

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Guest’s question was about the idea of delivering a message straight from heart to Source…

Aaron: “Delivering” feels like it is adding thought behind it, which is not necessary. “Delivering” feels like you are trying to add additional steps.

You are constantly in a state of sharing with spirit. Your vibration, where ever it is, without you thinking about it, this is being reflected back to you through those around you. It is constantly activating the universe. Your vibration is in constant action without your thought given to it. And, when you are trying to figure out ways to deliver to Source your message, that feels very resistant.

Allow yourself to feel the joy – and it matters not what is causing the joy. Allow yourself to feel the joy and anything you desire will come to you, and we can deliver it to you better than you have dreamed it. Just allow the joy.

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We want you all to recognize the true knowing – the knowing within you, when you feel resonance.

When you feel resonance, when you are in harmony with teachings, what we want you to recognize is the pure resonance within you.

Many of you recognize the resonance, feel the joy of the alignment with the teachings or the answers, or the sharing, coming from another.

We want you to recognize that you should not take this for granted.

You should not assume that because you feel resonance on certain things that everything from that teacher will be in such alignment with you.

We want you to stand in your joy.

We want you to become finely tuned to recognizing the vibration that is coursing throughout you because most of you have your thinking mind so involved in your understanding of the experiences in the world around you that you are not purely translating the vibrational resonance within.

You are overlaying your thinking mind on top of the pure vibration.

We would enjoy assisting you in tuning in more clearly to that vibration so that your understanding can be beyond your thinking mind.

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We request of you that you stay in your Knowing. Stay present to who you are. And know that THAT is all that others need from you. You – by sharing with them the vibration you have achieved, help them enormously. And for you, when you are in that space, in that blended space, Ahhh, it will seem to you as if you are doing nothing. Doing nothing more than being… doing nothing more than BEing. ~Aaron

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This vibrational knowing, this sharing that we have just done with you, it has become a part of you and you will be able … to allow yourself to invite in a fuller knowing of what this vibration is for you.

And you will be able to experience this in an even more full and complete way than you are now.

This vibration will bubble through you and give you a stronger recognition of the knowings that may be a little dim right now. ~Aaron

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