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Comment: I just wanted to express my love and appreciation for Stephanie, especially on her birthday. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful love group, so full of love and support.
I know that Stephanie is a beautiful shining teacher and the most wonderful thing about her is that she’s also just a normal person, just one of us and that makes … I’ve kind of put her on the level of a beautiful shining teacher but she’s on my level too and that makes me so appreciative of myself and also of the others in the group because we must all be in this together, we must all be beautiful shining teachers to be so attracted to each other and so uplifting of each other and it’s just a really lovely thing.

Aaron: Yes, and we wish to acknowledge you for this recognition of yourself, yes, and of our Little One, that yes, … and we know that there are those who are teachers who you may look at as being very separate or very different from who you be – But we will say that they are not, not one of them is different from who you be, not one of them is better than who you be.

No matter how you may perceive them, no matter how they may have had to secure themselves – yes, many who are great teachers have reached a point where they need to step back a little from the interactions on such a personal level with others, because there have become So Many others – But we will say to you that we appreciate that you have all come together at this time, at this point, where you can connect so intimately, where you can recognize the Teacher, the God within each one of you, where you can recognize your reflection in the other beings that you are interacting with, with the other being that you are resonating with.

We want you to recognize also that there is not one, we repeat this, there is not one on this earth who is better than you, yes.

Your divine purpose shines brightly dear one and we appreciate that you heard the call to be with us at this time and we appreciate that you hear and are following the calls that you receive yourself, yes. Beautiful, Dear One, beautiful. ~ Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We invite you to recognize that when you are doing this, when you are expressing your soul purpose, When you are expressing your soul purpose, you are loosing the bond, you are opening the walls that have been put in place before your riches – before the money and the rich physical experience that you wish to have as you have blocked that off.

But when you are expressing your Soul Purpose, you open that doorway. You open it and it can flow to you. And we invite you to not put limits on HOW that flows to you.
Do not limit it to flowing through a financial response from what seems to be the specific beneficiary of your connection.

Allow yourself to recognize that when you are expressing your soul purpose, the Universe Sings. And when the universe sings your soul song with you, allow yourself to envision the universe raining abundance on you. Know that it will get to you. Know that you can receive it because it is raining down on you.
And the more that you express within your soul purpose, the more any blockages to receiving it disappear. ~Aaron Connection

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