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The old beliefs, the old ways of seeing and experiencing are still intact for you somewhat, because you have not had the experiences and the ability to apply a better knowing, better evidence to what you are experiencing.
And so, what you are seeing is still perceived by you as loss. And we certainly understand this, but what we are going to invite you to do is to begin recognizing, rather than “loss”, to begin playing with the word “difference”. Yes? “This is a difference in my experience,” rather than, “This is a loss in my experience”. There is a VIBRATIONAL DIFFERENCE.
That wording will help to bring ease into your experience, and so we would invite you to look at it as a difference, for this is what it is. Yes?
And it is okay if you continue to recognize it as a loss at times, but we are putting this clue here for you, so that, as you think of it as a loss from here on out, you will also have the little ‘ding’ from us, that it is a Difference. And where there is difference, there is also possibility for it to be better, yes? for it to be an Addition to your life.
We wish for you to recognize that there are new experiences for you to experience because of what you have previously perceived as a loss. There are new experiences, there are additions to your life.
We will say to you, that our Little One, she experienced the transitioning of her mother in this past year, and she certainly at times felt that as a great physical loss. Yes, she felt that as a great physical loss, and we will say that she was quite surprised at the physical reaction that she had because she felt that she had a much better, expanded knowing because of her connection with us. Yes?
But you are physical beings, and you must learn to interpret differently through your physical being, rather than just your spiritual, conceptual understanding, yes? But we will say that now that she has gone through this, she recognizes the additions in her life, the new experiences of her mother now that her mother is no longer held back and limited by being a physical being.
But yes, certainly, there is this sense of loss, but we will say to you that you can grow to a point where that sense of loss will be lessened greatly, yes? As you begin to recognize more fully what the additions are, what the possibilities are, what the new life is. Yes?
And we will say to you, that those that you have been very attached to, whether they be a cat or another human in your experience, or whether they be your car, yes? – there are those that you become attached to, and we allow you to feel the love, the loss, the addition, with the things in your life too, you do not need to limit it to the living beings in your life.
But we will say that as you are consciously aware of your feeling of loss and allowing yourself to transform that to the recognition of difference, it is a different experience.
There are new ways to experience this love, this attachment in your life. Things will grow exponentially for you, yes? and your spiritual experience will open up more fully into your physical life experience. You will become much more blended as you recognize that it is a difference, rather than a loss, and you open yourself up to noticing the additions and the possibilities that are out there for you to experience. Yes? ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And we will tell you that many beings who are spiritually understanding are very empathetic, are very strong readers of the energy in their environment.

We invite you to switch your focus from being able to read the energies – because you all can read these other energies – You don’t need to read the other energies at all times.

What we want for you to do is to recognize that you can shoot out your higher energies. You can share that with others. You can radiate that forward and benefit the others surrounding you by your high, loving energy.

When you are in that feeling of love and appreciation, and connection, and you look on someone and imagine yourself gathering your loving, golden energy from your heart center and RADIATING it forth… radiating it forth to those who surround you.

We invite you to play with this and witness the response of the people surrounding you who you are all able to read energy… not all are conscious of it but they will react to the energy that you put out.

You need not speak words.
You need not do actions.

Consciously choose to focus your loving energy outward from yourself. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We invite you to… mmm, to allow your focus, your desires to blend your Triune Self, to include your entire Triune Self, to include your physical – you know the delights of being physical, and to include your thinking mind, which you so enjoy using, and to blend this together with your spiritual self – you know that self. And your highest bliss comes in the blending of all three. Your highest bliss does not come from being in this wonderful physical body and wanting to be more spiritual – it comes from blending it all together and finding the perfect mix. ~Aaron

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We invite you to practice some spiritual masturbation.

That is what we are asking you to do all along. We are asking you to love yourself – to allow yourself to feel good.

And so, when you take these moments from your day to make yourself feel spiritually good, your job is to love yourself – to allow yourself to feel the love for yourself.

And as you do this consciously, as you allow this in, feeling the energy of the love, this will be your spiritual masturbation. (…)

You will become a master at pleasuring yourself spiritually or physically. It matters not.

And we believe that you can find great pleasure in spiritual masturbation. ~Aaron

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Release the walls. Release the beliefs that have built the walls of separateness…

The walls of separateness that have been built between physical and spiritual…

It’s like taking off a coat.

If you believe you must have the coat to keep you warm, to protect you from the elements, You won’t feel the gentle raindrops on your skin; You won’t feel the subtle changes in temperature. But it is very easy to unzip the coat and drop it and it can be just as easy to unzip and release the barrier between your physical and the nonphysical.

It surrounds you.

If you begin to allow yourself to interpret, to begin to feel the subtle vibrational differences, it’s a new world – it’s a completely new experience.

When you allow yourself all that, you will just be amazed at what you have been missing. ~Aaron

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