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*The Questioner had some concern about sharing their stories of good fortune for fear of being perceived as “Bragging.”*

Yes. We invite you to play with that because that is an Old Belief, that is an old idea that you heard when you were much younger that has probably been reinforced to you in different places throughout your life because you did find resonance with that. “I shouldn’t brag. I shouldn’t brag.” But we will say to you: begin looking for others who are sharing about their experiences.
When you pick up on others who are doing it and you see the joy that it brings to them and to others you can begin creating the new belief and strengthening the belief that it is a Good Thing – it is a GENEROUS thing for you to share your stories of creation.
You are Empowering others when you share your stories of creation, when you share your stories of abundance, you are being generous with your vibration.
It is a much different perspective than being concerned that you are “bragging” and you are making others feel bad. When you take on the perspective that you are being generous, that you are sharing, that you are giving a Gift to those around you to allow them to tap into that knowledge of creation – Ah! You will feel even more abundant in the sharing! ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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