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We will offer you what we flow as a Vibrational Answering. And what we want you to understand before we give you this vibrational understanding, is that we are going to give this to you as Pure Vibration because in the journey that you are on you need to be able, and you DESIRE to be able to understand this Yourself. And to find your answers and to recognize them.

We are going to say that the vibration that we will share with you will settle into your cells, into the very cells of your being. It will activate them to be resonant with the answers that you seek.

You will begin to notice the answers showing up for you. The answering communication from your inner being, you will notice this showing up. You will also notice the answers showing up from unasked questions.

It will begin to be more activated within you because when your vibration is resonant with the answers, you can let it in.

And so, we will give this to you and we invite you to be open to noticing where these answers are showing up for you. Yes?

For your thinking mind we are going to share with you that we are sending this vibration out to you now, but we are going to give it a little bit more form by bringing it into song for you.

(Vibrational Answering)

Yes, our dear one. This will be fun for you to play with, even if at this time your thinking mind does not understand it.

You will begin to see the evidence. Yes? It does not need to understand it. You will begin to see the evidence. This will, mm, pop up for you everywhere. And we invite you to be aware when it does and to recognize, “Oh, yes, yes, this really is happening.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say to you that we were first able to start coming through our little one, Stephanie, doing THIS (vibrational answering) when she had moved to Nashville, when she had isolated herself in her closet and was reaching for the answers that she was not yet ready to put words to. She had not found the space or the trust in her own connection to believe the words as they came through For Her. And through the connection we were utilizing this vibration, this pure vibration to bring the answering to the cells of her being, to the energy of her being. We brought the answering vibration in. …
We will say that … when you are able to let in the vibrations of the answer, that you will be led to the knowing, or you will allow the knowing to unfold in your life.
It is beyond the words that interact with your thinking mind because the words are so imprecise. And the words rely heavily on the vibration behind them. Many times people allow themselves to get caught up in the specific definitions and meanings of the words that they hear. But we are here to tell you – that is not where the meaning is.
The meaning is in the vibration beyond the words. And so, if you would like, we could even end our discussion here, for everything that you were asking for is contained within the vibrational answer that we gave you at the beginning.
But we know that from your physical perspective, it is very fun … it sometimes seems more easy to play with the words. But we will say that even if you do not get your full answering from the words in your interaction with us now, your answering will continue to unfold because of the vibration we left with you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

**from Stephanie: I hope to be sharing more recordings to let you experience a bit of the power of the vibrational answering, or, you are welcome to set up a private Connection and receive your personal Vibrational Answering.**

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We will invite you to begin to allow in loving vibration, positive, high-flowing feeling songs, tones.

We invite you to begin surrounding yourself with music or sound vibration that feels good to you. And there are so many ways that you can do this – but we will tell you that by surrounding yourself with these positive feeling vibrations, with the words and the sounds that vibrate Love, Winning, that vibrate Success… when you surround yourself with this vibration it will bypass your necessity to bring your thinking mind into alignment. It will surpass that and raise you to a vibration where your mind will then follow along. ~Aaron Connection

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In coming into alignment with the trinity of your self, sometimes you need to allow that thinking mind part of yourself the protection that it thinks it needs – until it can find that it really doesn’t. ~Aaron Connection

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That is a part of your process and a part of you finding clarity.
All is well, dear one. And we wish to say to you that you need not push against others who use that word. You need not, especially from your thinking mind, you need not come up with arguments or explanations.
Feel the love. Feel the bliss.
You will find that you move forward much more quickly when you are able to relax when you feel resistance. Relax, let go, rather than clenching up around the resistance. ~Aaron

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We invite you to… mmm, to allow your focus, your desires to blend your Triune Self, to include your entire Triune Self, to include your physical – you know the delights of being physical, and to include your thinking mind, which you so enjoy using, and to blend this together with your spiritual self – you know that self. And your highest bliss comes in the blending of all three. Your highest bliss does not come from being in this wonderful physical body and wanting to be more spiritual – it comes from blending it all together and finding the perfect mix. ~Aaron

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We want to explain to you that your lack of higher education is viewed by us as a very good thing. Higher education means that you spend more time listening to other people, being subjected to their rules, their ways of thinking.

You are able to go beyond where others have been limited before. We invite you not to worry about being schooled to a certain level. Every thought that has been – by all of the intellectuals throughout your time – exists, still, in your pluralness.

It exists, it is there, able for you to tap in and — we have spoken about this before also — able to tap in and download it in one great chunk. Or you may download it in bits and pieces.

One thing that we particularly appreciate about the way that you are going at this is that you are bringing your spiritual focus into your knowing and this goes in with the discussion of being blended. Being blended and being in your joy, when you are in your joy… which moves you into that blended space, this is all available to you.

You have put your request to the universe, it has been heard, as soon as you get into your joy and your feeling place more often, and recognizing your pure potential for exceeding the others on your planet who have come before, when you get into that feeling space – it IS. And you do have that pure potential, and it is not just about thinking and recognizing, but that is an essential key to tying it together into the blendedness.

You should be tuned in. We invite you, as we invite all, to spend a few minutes a day in meditation or connection. This tunes up your – the volume on how we get through to you. It turns up the volume so that you can more easily recognize when we are calling you to look in a certain direction.

Being committed to a daily allowing of that connection turns up the volume, and we want you to follow the feeling. When it feels good – look there. When it feels resistant, at all – look for something that feels good.

There is no need to push through any resistance. This will be so easy. This will come so easily as you continue to shift and notice. If it feels good – look at it. If it feels not so good – look for something that does feel good. And you will be a great example of allowing and creating

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