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But when we were speaking about the hows you cannot figure them out from a place of lack. It is a black hole when you are trying to figure it out from a place or a perspective of lack, of not knowing HOW it’s possible. This is why we invite you to allow yourself to acknowledge, to think about, and to recognize that is a lost cause. It cannot be done. It cannot be figured out from a place of lack – so let that go when it comes up. “Thank you very much for showing up. This does not work. We’re moving on.”

And where the answers will come to you, the magic will begin appearing in your life when you come from the love that you Be, when you find enjoyment in the little things in your life.

Yes.You are trying to make yourself feel better, so allow yourself to acknowledge that. “Hell yes! I will enjoy this.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We think that you are lazy when it comes to things you think that you should do – and that’s ok! That’s ok. That’s your connection with us, telling you, “ah, this isn’t what I really want. This isn’t what makes my heart sing. This isn’t what makes every cell of my being vibrate with a yes.” ~Aaron

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That is what you are looking for: that feeling place of having all of the vibrations line up. And truly, you will not get there by only thinking about it. It is a feeling vibrational place and your easiest route to access it is through playful feeling thoughts. ~Aaron

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