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When you had your potato chips and you were munching down on your potato chips and you stopped and you thought about it and you were aware of what you were doing and you allowed yourself to recognize the different perceptions you could have about this – and that you HAVE had about this action…

The most recent perception that you would have, to chomping down on potato chips like that, is one of guilt, is one of an idea that you are doing something wrong for your body – you are doing something bad. Yes?

But another perception that you have held in your life, that you held when you were younger, that you held before you were 20, you held the perception that eating the chips was FUN, that eating the chips was delicious, that eating the chips was satisfying something within you. Yes.

The vibration that we want you to pick up on is the fun, and as you realized that, and as you allowed that, and as you activated that, …well, when you are having fun you are doing good for your body. As so, based only on a shift in your perception, you can change the eating of the chips from something that is bad to something that is beneficial. Any time that you are activating a vibration of FUN in your experience, that benefits you. It benefits your vibration. It benefits your physical being.

FUN is a nutrient we would like you to enjoy ever more in your life. Yes. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will invite you to begin to pay attention to what your thoughts are regarding the details (of the “issue”). Allow yourself to notice them – even when they don’t feel good.

And we know that very often when you know about aligning your vibration with happiness and love and appreciation, that very often those thoughts that DON’T FEEL GOOD, you back away from them.
(Q: Yes, I do.)

But we want you to allow yourself to Notice them, to Notice them, to Become Aware of them and what they are because if you are pushing them aside and not looking at them, then they have no opportunity to shift.
Very often when you allow yourself to notice and become aware of what your thoughts are that are causing the bad feelings, when you allow yourself to recognize them, you will realize You No Longer Need That Thought. But, if you don’t allow yourself to become aware of it, it continues playing on a loop in the background. Yes? And so, if it is playing on a loop in the background, it is affecting your vibration. (…)

You do not wish to allow that play on a loop in the background, and very often that is what many in physical are doing when they begin to recognize about the law of attraction. (Based on) What they have been told about the law of attraction, they are afraid if they feel it, if they are thinking it, then they are going to be attracting that. But if you don’t allow yourself to be aware of what you’re thinking and feeling, it is still playing in there, in the background… and you are trying to cover it up – and that does not work.

And we will say, that as you allow yourself to truly notice what the thoughts are behind the bad feelings that you have, you will much more easily be able to shift them and to release them, and to replace them more solidly with the knowing that you HAVE. You have a new knowing, but it is being caused interference by your old beliefs that you have not let go of yet.

But just closing the door on them does not help you to let go of them. And so, we are not inviting you to wallow in them, but to Notice Them and to let them move through you. And if they move through you with tears? That is cleansing, dear one. Allow yourself to recognize how cleansed you can be. If you feel moved to tears, allow them to come through. We will be helping to clean you out and to let go of those feelings.

And, we would invite you, when you begin to notice what the thoughts are, you become aware of them, follow your guidance. There may be times that it will benefit you to write it out and to recognize what this thought really is, because if you can write it out you can very often recognize it very clearly. And so, we would invite you to follow your guidance. If you are called to write it out – do that. Allow yourself to become aware of it that way, and then you can then write and feel and flow and allow yourself to get in there and realize what the truth is, because you KNOW what the truth is. You know what the truth is. And we have helped to activate that truth within you through the Vibrational answering. So it is turned up to a higher level now, but it was with you before.

But it is turned up to a higher level now where you can recognize it when you are open to it. And we know that you are now open to this. Yes, and there need be no fear of those bad feeling thoughts because they are not who you now be. They are not who you now be.

You know your connection with all that is. You know that we flow through you and the ripples of your vibration are going out into the universe around you and bringing you into contact with that which resonates with you.

And when you allow yourself to let go of those old limiting beliefs and feelings, when you allow yourself to let go of them? Oh, you have also been putting out such a strong vibration, such a powerful positive, loving, very loving vibration from you – that when you turn off the background noise of these old beliefs? Phew! You will be so powerfully magnetized, so powerfully magnetized. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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That feeling of appreciation has more power behind it than any negative thought you can think. ~Aaron Connection

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We are here with you. Of course, we are ALWAYS here with you. We know that that’s an interesting thought for you that we are always here – even when you are feeling disconnected, we are here. In those moments, you have removed your plug from our power source. You need only plug it back in and the connection is reestablished. It’s always available. ~Aaron

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Guest’s question was about the idea of delivering a message straight from heart to Source…

Aaron: “Delivering” feels like it is adding thought behind it, which is not necessary. “Delivering” feels like you are trying to add additional steps.

You are constantly in a state of sharing with spirit. Your vibration, where ever it is, without you thinking about it, this is being reflected back to you through those around you. It is constantly activating the universe. Your vibration is in constant action without your thought given to it. And, when you are trying to figure out ways to deliver to Source your message, that feels very resistant.

Allow yourself to feel the joy – and it matters not what is causing the joy. Allow yourself to feel the joy and anything you desire will come to you, and we can deliver it to you better than you have dreamed it. Just allow the joy.

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We want you to recognize that the premonitions that you are having, they are vibrating in alignment with fears that are alive in your belief. And so, it is only because of this activation of certain fears, or lower vibrations within you that you are able to catch hold of a premonition that feels negative.

When you recognize that thought – to notice that, to see that, to feel that, that sense of premonition of something that does not feel good, we want you take that and recognize, “Wait a minute. This can NOT be showing its self to me unless I have a similar vibration active within myself.”

Because when you are able to see that you have this matching vibration active within yourself, you can then take it, acknowledge it, see what it truly is, how that vibration is alive in you, and from THERE you can shift it. And you will notice as you are able to play with this, be easy with this… but as you feel that shifting coming into being, you will notice that your premonitions will change.

Premonitions are only possibilities.

They are only possibilities. There are always other possibilities that you can activate.

When you see them, you recognize them and you think  “This is what is coming.” Then you are adding power to that vibration and you are aiding in its coming into being.

But when you see it and you recognize it as an alive vibration within yourself that you can shift… when you can see it as the belief that you hold that you can change… you can find evidence of a belief that feels better. Ahhh, you can change the premonition. ~AAron

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