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Finding your way back to the love for you – it will change your experience.
You will seem to be a magic-maker to those around you.
Everything will line up with that love for you

Q: That includes healing myself physically?

That includes healing yourself physically. That includes EVERYTHING. That includes physical. Every physical perception that you have – and all physical experiences, or physical “realities” (we put quotes around that), they are all your perception.
When your perception is one of Love, everything is love to you. You will see the Truth of Love rather than seeing the illusion of Lack, the illusion of Pain or Illness, the illusion of fractured relationship.
You will only be able to see the love and it will color everything differently. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You are the One, dear one. But each one who hears us speak that will know its truth for them also.

You are each the ONE.

You are each the one who has come forth into this physical experience to expand, to expand the ONE~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You think you are reaching for a grand answer but the truth is, you are reaching only for connection, the feeling place, the letting go. ~Aaron Connection

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At this time you are undergoing great change… the cells of your body are changing and your connection to your higher knowing, to your remembering your truth is stronger… and as your body is adjusting to this you are noticing the feelings that come with your adjustment.

Many times in the past for you, and many times for others in physical, when this begins to happen they begin to think that something is wrong and we are here to tell you that nothing is wrong – you are just adjusting to fit your higher physical blending position at this point.

And we appreciate your recognizing of it without allowing yourself to fall into the “something’s really wrong” stage that many can fall into. You have maintained your curiosity about it which is a good thing because you have now called us to you to explain it to you in this manner.

It is just a shift and you can ride this out and you will soon be feeling better than ever before. But we wish for you to recognize that you can release some of your beliefs about the need for sleep that you had before.

Sleep is still a good thing, but you can begin to adjust your feelings and your beliefs about the amount of sleep that is necessary for you. For, as you spend more and more time in conscious connection, or conscious awareness of your divinity there is not as much need for physical sleep as you had before.**

You can do shorter amounts of sleeping at night, if you wish, and during your day if you begin to feel weary, or feel a lack of sleep you can take a few minutes to meditate or to meditate/nap… Napitate. Yes, you can take a little napitate which will revitalize you. It will rejuvenate you in ways that are much greater than naps previously would, or than 8 hours sleep at night often would. And so we want you to be open to recognizing that everything is going right and you are upleveling. ~Aaron

**Please recognize that this response was related to a specific questioner. This is not meant for everybody at all times – although you may feel resonance with this answer.**

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It is not about you missing an opportunity to follow your bliss. Those opportunities will be there. Those opportunities are not going anywhere. Those opportunities are not hampered by those around you at all. Those opportunities keep coming – keep coming.

(…) They keep coming. And as you find your alignment, as you find your energetic truth – beyond the lies that you have absorbed – as you find that, ah, they come quicker, they come more powerfully. There will be no question of someone else holding you back at all. ~Aaron

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We want you to recognize that very often you may feel a connection with a descriptor such as an angel, such as a spirit guide, we want you to know that where you feel the connection, where it feels good to you, there is truth for you in that connection.

But it is all about the perception from physical that has brought these thought forms into an easier way to understand guidance and connection from source. ~Aaron

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