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Q: I just want to be this unconditionally loving being and I find when I hear… … it just gets to me and I can’t help feeling anger and resentment about it, and I just want to let it go, I really want to put it to rest.

Aa: Yes, what we would say to you our Dear One is, first of all, we invite you not to necessarily put yourself to the standard of needing to be Unconditionally Loving. Yes?
We will say that you can leave that to Us. Yes?
You can leave that to those of us who are not in physical.

Now what we invite you to do is, we invite you to be loving in each moment, and when you notice that you’re not feeling loving, to turn back towards love, yes? To find something, to invite some thought or point of focus that helps you to feel loving, that helps you to feel appreciation, which can move you towards loving. Yes?

But very often, when you put yourself to the idea that it is possible and desirable to be Unconditionally Loving – we say, don’t worry about that. You certainly ARE that from beyond your physical experience. And your experience in physical is to strive to love more in each moment. Yes?

And we do not have any need for you to be a Divine Being who is in perfect alignment because, Dear One, if you are, you aren’t going to be there in physical. Yes?
And so, we want you to let yourself off the hook a little bit when you find yourself feeling not quite as loving as you would like to. Yes?
But we do invite you to keep turning back towards the love. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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