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*When Aaron first began bringing the tones through, I had no idea what was happening. I began asking a couple other friends with unique perspectives what they thought it was, but just 3 days later Aaron began to explain it to me. These tones are what I now recognize as the “Vibrational Answering.”
With Love, Stephanie Udana *

It will take advanced beings to allow themselves to follow this pathway, their own self.
Ah, you are getting it now, aren’t you?
You are beginning to understand that we can tap into their understanding more fully in this way – without the need for the words.
Oh and the words are fun. The words are fun.
The words are like a step-stool to reach things that are a bit out of reach.
And the tones are a more direct pathway. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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This is what we came forth to deliver to you, this understanding that we are all One, that you in your physical body are no less than we are without our physical body, but you are just playing the game, you are just playing the game, you are out with your piece on the board playing the game, but you are still one with us. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We wish to acknowledge you for understanding Your Creative Role in all of this that you are experiencing, and we wish to say that you are doing so well, but you will recognize that you have remnants of an old belief that is still resonating for you. You have remnants of an old belief that hold you back from allowing yourself to experience the fullness of what you truly desire. And this is – it is only a belief that you have created. And in the same way that you created THAT belief you can create a NEW belief.
And we will invite you to spend some time, after our discussion, you can spend a little time looking back over the different occurrences where you have felt that things worked out and then there was something that was something that wasn’t quite right about it, and to look over that…
and what we want you to do is look for the Evidence that you may have Missed or Overlooked before, or not given enough Power to before – the evidence that shows where things were going Just Right and where a doorway has been left OPEN – even where it seems that it was ended in a way that wasn’t exactly as you would have wished.
We will tell you, the doorway is still open for good to be perceived by you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will offer you what we flow as a Vibrational Answering. And what we want you to understand before we give you this vibrational understanding, is that we are going to give this to you as Pure Vibration because in the journey that you are on you need to be able, and you DESIRE to be able to understand this Yourself. And to find your answers and to recognize them.

We are going to say that the vibration that we will share with you will settle into your cells, into the very cells of your being. It will activate them to be resonant with the answers that you seek.

You will begin to notice the answers showing up for you. The answering communication from your inner being, you will notice this showing up. You will also notice the answers showing up from unasked questions.

It will begin to be more activated within you because when your vibration is resonant with the answers, you can let it in.

And so, we will give this to you and we invite you to be open to noticing where these answers are showing up for you. Yes?

For your thinking mind we are going to share with you that we are sending this vibration out to you now, but we are going to give it a little bit more form by bringing it into song for you.

(Vibrational Answering)

Yes, our dear one. This will be fun for you to play with, even if at this time your thinking mind does not understand it.

You will begin to see the evidence. Yes? It does not need to understand it. You will begin to see the evidence. This will, mm, pop up for you everywhere. And we invite you to be aware when it does and to recognize, “Oh, yes, yes, this really is happening.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And we will invite you also to play with the word “perceived” rather than the word “created” – as the word perceived may be a little more gentle on you. It may be easier for you to understand that it was not that your energy went out there and created a bad situation – it was your Perception of the situation. And because your perception was on the possibilities of mistreatment so often, it was very easy for you to see THAT – whereas if your perception were elsewhere, were only on the good and love that people, humans, show to beasts on your planet, you could only have seen that.

The reality is in your perception. ~Aaron Connection

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The beings on your world are changing at a cellular level. There are more and more (who are) understanding more simply that it is all about the vibration. And as this knowledge spreads and it is taken into the cells of your body, physical experience on your planet is changing and expanding to a heretofore unknown level.

And there are those in other areas of BEING, in other timespaces of your universe, who have elevated to levels beyond what you are experiencing on earth at this point, but oh, there is so much more possible! So much more possible than you could imagine! ~Aaron

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And sometimes people are asking so strongly that when the answer occurs it is almost like a crack in their reality – like a break.

It can be experienced in a painful way, but it can open up your reality into new understandings. ~Aaron

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And we enjoy playing with you as you are going f u r t h e r out on the leading edge, because there are so many of you who have this strong understanding, who are ready for more, who are taking this physical expression and throwing off the ballast that has held you back before.

And we so enjoy interacting like this. You have called us to you for this purpose because you ARE ready for more, you ARE ready to create more powerfully, you ARE ready for understandings that you were not previously ready for.

And we want to say that it is appreciated even when people come to us with what they consider to be very personal questions, we want you to know that this does benefit other listeners because you are all expressions from the Plural, from the Oneness. You all have a common core and you can recognize yourselves in one another. And we appreciate you sharing your individuality for the benefit of all.

We have enjoyed this time together. We look forward to more – there is so much more coming. There is much that you are getting glimpses of, and we know, we have seen you catching the glimpses and not quite understanding or being able to interpret it yet. But we want you to know, you WILL come to an understanding, you WILL be able to interpret those glimpses. As you get closer they will more fully be revealed to you – and there is always MORE.

You will never come to a place of completion or standing still – that is not possible. And the more that you desire to create and expand, the more quickly you can do this. And some are on your planet and perfectly happy without big expansion, and that is fine, but even they are expanding.

But for those of you who are here for the thrill of the ride, for the expansion, ah, you are in a space of creating very quickly now. And we enjoy being on this ride with you.

We thank you for inviting us in to connect with you today. We will speak with you soon.

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There is a linear progression of time in physical. It’s not quite the same way from spirit. And yet you are in physical and you are tuning in very closely with spirit. And as you are tuning in to spirit, that’s bleeding over into your understanding of physical. ~Aaron

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The people who are too vibrationally far away from you will not see… the benefit of where you are will not be such a draw for them because it is beyond their capability of understanding. Yet, the people who are closer in vibrational vicinity to you, THEY want to jump on the ride with you. ~Aaron

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