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You sometimes believe that your skills are limited.
We will say … Your skills are extraordinary, dear one.
What you are doing is your journey.
You are not taking the journey that anyone else is taking.
And although you have peers, friends, those who are on similar journeys, those who you can feel resonance with, those whose company you enjoy and who you can share deeply with – those here with you, None of them are taking the same journey as you.

Your journey is unique.
The gifts you bring forth are unique.
You may feel sometimes that they are not good enough.
You do not understand at times what you are doing when there are others that you feel are so much more magnificent than you.

We will say, this has nothing to do with Outshining another.
This has nothing to do with praise.
This has to do with you following your journey and opening up to share your gifts.
Opening up to share your gifts!
There are those who are blessed because of your sharing, whose lives will be better because of your sharing. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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You are beginning to feel more ease with being who you be, living the message that you live without needing to conform to the messages of others, without needing to be something other than what you are.

And Yes, you have influences. Yes, you have helpers.

But you are YOU, dear one. What you bring forth is uniquely you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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