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We are the love that IS. We are the love that is.
And we are also firmly ensconced in our Oneness, in our Pluralness, in our All-That-Isness, without being limited by a physical experience, a physical vehicle and the perception of a physical timeline.
We have none of that.
But we recognize that you do.
And part of our interaction with you is to assist you, as you are physical, as you do perceive yourself in a timeline, yes, as you do feel these limits of your singular expression, our interactions with you can help you to feel beyond that, Yes?, to feel beyond all of that, dear one. ~Solarum


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And you are – when you are in physical this is a … we would say “challenge”… that may be too strong, but we will say challenge for now – the challenge is to be the spirit you are in combination with being the physical singular expression that you are.

And the spirit within you is unlimited, but the physical being that you are sees the limitations of being physical. And you are looking for a balance and it is ok, we can assure you it is ok.
But YOU – as our little one, as so many others at this time – are here to show that you can fully express in physical and in spirit together. And you are just finding your way to that. You are just finding your balance. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Allow yourself to be unlimited in your playing and your dreaming.
We will say to you, our dear one, you can create, you can envision what it is that you truly want.
Allow yourself to be unimpeded by your creating that is in your past. Allow yourself to be unimpeded by that. Allow yourself to be unimpeded by the creating of others, and what may seem to be “possible”: – For what is possible for you is whatever you desire. You may create this as you wish, dear one.
Allow yourself to create what is in resonance with your soul, with your connection. We are with you in this creating, dear one. But it is from your physical perspective, it is from your physical perspective that you get to have the fun with the details, with the creating. And it is when you are able to play with the details and find the vibration that is resonant with your desires that we can make it even better than what you have imagined. Yes?
Have fun with this, dear one. Have fun with this. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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