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It is beyond the words. And yet, the words help to create a framework for us to vine along.
And because, from physical, those of you in human form, are more used to using the words for understanding – whether they are spoken words or written words – you are more accustomed to the words than to the vibration.
We are Vibrational beings.
There is no need for you to imagine us as a physical being – which the name Aaron would imply. As the words are a tool to aid in our connection, so is the name Aaron to aid in our connection. We would say, that the term “One Who Is Plural” is much more resonant with who we be, but as those of you in physical accept the name Aaron, you can begin to put the Vibrational knowing of us, you begin to imbue the name Aaron with the Vibrational knowing of us. Yes? ~Aaron (0ne Who Is Plural)

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We are all about the feeling and the resonance.

We enjoy, we enjoy playing with the words, and playing with your thinking mind because that is a part of who you are as a blended being, but so many of you do not remember and tend to forget as you are going through your physical lives, about the magnificent Vibrational Being that you are.

And you are ALWAYS this magnificent Vibrational being but you don’t always remember that it is a part of who you are, and so you deny it, or you look everywhere around it.

It is like the elephant in the middle of the room that they speak of. You try to look all around it to find your solutions, but your solution is in the Vibrational Being that You Are, that is everything, that is filling up the room in front of you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Very often from physical it can be easy to forget that you are a Vibrational Being when these issues come up that seem to be so rooted in your thinking mind or in your physical experience – whether it be health, or as this is, a money issue.

We will say that you very often lose sight of the fact that you are a Vibrational Being FIRST and that by aligning your vibration this can come together for you much more easily – it will line up in ways that you will see and you will recognize and easily flow into the next step, be connected with the people who can bring you the most ease… but to get to this, we invite you to truly focus on the fact that this is about your vibration. This is about your vibration. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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There is so much vibration for you to play with in this experience! — So much that you have left out of your experience up until recently. — So much that you have not perceived or been open to considering as a possibility.

When you are confined, limited to your physical experience – to that which you believe you see with your eyes, to that which you believe that you feel with your hands, with your skin, that which you believe that you touch, that which you believe that you hear, that which you believe that you understand others to be speaking to you – when you limit yourself in that physical reality, you do become very powerless.

But when you recognize that you are a vibrational being who is not limited by the physical, your experience expands accordingly, dear one.~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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