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We are going to invite you to, each morning, take a glass of water – a cool glass of water. We would invite you to have it in a clear glass, or you may have a colored glass that you can see through. We wish for you to know the purity of this water, though.

We wish for you to hold this glass, this cup, in your hands and to send your love into this water. And this water will easily pick up the vibration that you are sending into it. We will say that for others who hear this, you may send whatever vibration into the water that you wish. You may send the vibration of vibrant health into the water. Yes. You may send the vibration of writing and flowing into the water.

But we are going to invite You to send the vibration of Love into the water. Feel all the love that you can, all the love that you have ever felt before, allow yourself to tap into the memories of the times that you have felt pure love flowing through you. We know that you have these memories, and allow yourself to flow THAT love into your glass of water, in the morning, first thing, and then to drink that water – slowly.
Allow yourself to take it in, and to acknowledge as you are taking it in that this vibration is flowing throughout your body.

This vibration of love is hydrating your body, bringing new life into your body, cleansing your body, and allowing you to release whatever you do not need in favor of this loving vibration that will be flowing through your body.

We would invite you to do this on a daily basis, and then, as you are feeling much more in alignment with the love, play with it in other ways too. You will find this to be a quite magical tool, and it is quite powerful to allow yourself to receive the vibration in this way. Your water can hold it and bring it to you, it can be a great carrier of the vibration for you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We are going to invite you to play with loving your body, nurturing your body.
In the mornings, before you ingest anything else, we invite you to Consciously ingest a full glass of water. And we wish for you to BLESS this water, IMBUE this water with high vibration in any way that feels right to you.
But we wish for you to CONSCIOUSLY, before you drink it, consecrate this water. Consecrate this water with love, with physical enjoyment, with abundance, with whatever it is that you would like to be flowing and vibrating through your body, and resonating through your body.
And then, slowly drink this water as a prayer of appreciation.

The water is so important for your physical being. Important for the alignment of your physical being with your spiritual self. And we know that there are many who have many beliefs and fears about water and if you find yourself having any of those, do whatever you need to do to the water for yourself to feel good about ingesting water.
But, we invite you to ingest this consecrated water as a prayer for your body – A prayer of appreciation and love. And, mmm, we can see you envisioning it moving through your body, this water flowing through your body and soothing your body, easing your body, creating a vibrational barrier or magnet of love, so that which you ingest afterwards will come into harmony with the water that is flowing through your body.
Play with that. ~Aaron Connection

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