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You need not our words at times like this.
You benefit greatly from our vibration.
Breathe us in, dear one. ~Solarum

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*When Aaron first began bringing the tones through, I had no idea what was happening. I began asking a couple other friends with unique perspectives what they thought it was, but just 3 days later Aaron began to explain it to me. These tones are what I now recognize as the “Vibrational Answering.”
With Love, Stephanie Udana *

It will take advanced beings to allow themselves to follow this pathway, their own self.
Ah, you are getting it now, aren’t you?
You are beginning to understand that we can tap into their understanding more fully in this way – without the need for the words.
Oh and the words are fun. The words are fun.
The words are like a step-stool to reach things that are a bit out of reach.
And the tones are a more direct pathway. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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It is beyond the words. And yet, the words help to create a framework for us to vine along.
And because, from physical, those of you in human form, are more used to using the words for understanding – whether they are spoken words or written words – you are more accustomed to the words than to the vibration.
We are Vibrational beings.
There is no need for you to imagine us as a physical being – which the name Aaron would imply. As the words are a tool to aid in our connection, so is the name Aaron to aid in our connection. We would say, that the term “One Who Is Plural” is much more resonant with who we be, but as those of you in physical accept the name Aaron, you can begin to put the Vibrational knowing of us, you begin to imbue the name Aaron with the Vibrational knowing of us. Yes? ~Aaron (0ne Who Is Plural)

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We are all about the feeling and the resonance.

We enjoy, we enjoy playing with the words, and playing with your thinking mind because that is a part of who you are as a blended being, but so many of you do not remember and tend to forget as you are going through your physical lives, about the magnificent Vibrational Being that you are.

And you are ALWAYS this magnificent Vibrational being but you don’t always remember that it is a part of who you are, and so you deny it, or you look everywhere around it.

It is like the elephant in the middle of the room that they speak of. You try to look all around it to find your solutions, but your solution is in the Vibrational Being that You Are, that is everything, that is filling up the room in front of you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say to you that we were first able to start coming through our little one, Stephanie, doing THIS (vibrational answering) when she had moved to Nashville, when she had isolated herself in her closet and was reaching for the answers that she was not yet ready to put words to. She had not found the space or the trust in her own connection to believe the words as they came through For Her. And through the connection we were utilizing this vibration, this pure vibration to bring the answering to the cells of her being, to the energy of her being. We brought the answering vibration in. …
We will say that … when you are able to let in the vibrations of the answer, that you will be led to the knowing, or you will allow the knowing to unfold in your life.
It is beyond the words that interact with your thinking mind because the words are so imprecise. And the words rely heavily on the vibration behind them. Many times people allow themselves to get caught up in the specific definitions and meanings of the words that they hear. But we are here to tell you – that is not where the meaning is.
The meaning is in the vibration beyond the words. And so, if you would like, we could even end our discussion here, for everything that you were asking for is contained within the vibrational answer that we gave you at the beginning.
But we know that from your physical perspective, it is very fun … it sometimes seems more easy to play with the words. But we will say that even if you do not get your full answering from the words in your interaction with us now, your answering will continue to unfold because of the vibration we left with you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

**from Stephanie: I hope to be sharing more recordings to let you experience a bit of the power of the vibrational answering, or, you are welcome to set up a private Connection and receive your personal Vibrational Answering.**

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This pure love from your Source is being pulled forth. Even when there are words coming out, it is always up to the one who is listening to perceive in their own way.
The words themselves, are not an answer. They are a Vehicle for the answering vibration.
Just as the singing sounds that we bring forth from you – they are a vehicle for the answering Vibration of Source. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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We will invite you to begin to allow in loving vibration, positive, high-flowing feeling songs, tones.

We invite you to begin surrounding yourself with music or sound vibration that feels good to you. And there are so many ways that you can do this – but we will tell you that by surrounding yourself with these positive feeling vibrations, with the words and the sounds that vibrate Love, Winning, that vibrate Success… when you surround yourself with this vibration it will bypass your necessity to bring your thinking mind into alignment. It will surpass that and raise you to a vibration where your mind will then follow along. ~Aaron Connection

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The words are fun. The words are very fun, but they do not matter.

Your energy, your vibration is much more powerful, it is a much more powerful creator in your experience than your words can be.

Yes. And we invite you, we invite all of you in physical experience to play with this recognizing – To speak the words in your mind, to find the feeling for what you want to speak out loud and do not speak it out loud.

Allow yourself to vibrate it. Allow yourself to speak it through spirit.

Allow yourself to speak it through spirit, through vibration, and watch what happens. Watch the way your experience will answer much much more aligned than you very often find with your words. ~Aaron Connection

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Find the images and the words that match your desire for a home, your desire for a space of your own. And do not limit yourself to what you see as the current possibilities presenting to you.

Go ahead and allow yourself to acknowledge what you truly desire, what you truly desire and what feels good to you.

And we will say that as you find this focus, as you find the pictures, as you find the words, as you place them outside of you onto the paper where you can see them, where you can acknowledge them with more power and focus than when they are floating around in your head getting all mixed up with the negative possibilities… When you put them out where you can see them and have greater focus on them you can get yourself into that feeling easier.

And we invite you to do this, to play with your home that IS waiting for you. And we will say that you may be surprised with the opportunities, and good news, and good possibilities that will spring up almost magically where you could not see them before, just from your focused energy in this way.

And we do invite you to get it out of your head and put it on the paper or in the pictures. This will be helpful for you. ~Aaron Connection

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It does not necessarily take “time” as you perceive it. It takes focus. That word is preferable to time. ~Aaron

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