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Daily Audio Bit from Aaron

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There is not one moment that we are concerned for you. There is not one moment that we sit in worry for you.
For we know who you be. We know you are the same as we. Yes?
We delight in you, our little one. We delight in all the others, and we will say that there is not ONE on this planet for whom we sit in concern or worry. We know. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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When you can get in there and truly FEEL the great joy and fulfillment in what is possible through You fully expressing in this way, and sharing these tools, and knowing and feeling the power of these tools that you have to share – your vibration in alignment with this, your vibration of pure joy and ecstasy at what is possible, this will radiate out, touch the vibration of those who can help you move forward with this.
Your vibration and your feelings of what is possible, your running through the scenarios with great feeling emphasis of what can happen in your world through your sharing of this, and the great thanks, the great joy – oh! As you get in and truly immerse yourself in this vibration – not worrying about the hows – at least not for these moments that you spend getting into this vibration. Allow the hows to fall away and allow yourself to truly immerse in this joyful exhilarating vibration of the change that can be created, of the blossoming that can occur through your sharing of your tools. And this vibration will ripple out from you and touch others.
It will burn a brighter fire in your passion so that as you have the opportunity to share with others about what you want to do – oh, your vibration will draw them in, will sweep them away with the great joy of the possibilities.
People will be so happy to help you, to help you find the ways to implement this.
Others will be on your side and working for you to be able to experience this sharing.
And the more time that you spend in this feeling vibration of the joy of the possibilities of what can happen, the more quickly your vibration will reach out and knock and tap on the shoulders of others who can help you bring it about. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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This is another calling to be centered in Love, to be centered in Love for You, but also to be centered in the Knowing of the Perfection of the Journey that each one chooses. And allowing yourself to release, to release the feeling of Responsibility to Action when the responsibility is to LOVE.

We must say to you that love is not a vibration that is resonant with worry. It is not resonant with it. Many of you in physical believe that it is – that worry is an expression of love. It is not. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Do not get caught in the worry, or the fear of those moments where you DO feel fear or concern.

It is ok to feel that and it is ok to acknowledge that you feel it, and to notice it for the indicator that it is.

Pay attention to where you are feeling fear, and you don’t really want to (feel it), and you will be able to release that much more easily if you acknowledge it and allow yourself the experience of it, and shifting through that than trying to push it down, or push it away, or to think that you are messing things up by feeling that way, because you are not messing things up by feeling that way.

You are being shown opportunities to shift your vibration, and that is ok. That is ok.

And if you were not having those experiences, you would not be in physical. It’s here for your expansion, and as long as you can recognize it as an opportunity to see and understand in new ways, and you don’t beat yourself up over it, oh, it can be a blissing in your life. ~Aaron Connection

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When you’re putting out the worry… and we know that when you express into physical as a mother, your society imbues you with a great deal of beliefs about worry, and you are trained to believe that worry equals love. And we are here to tell you: Worry does NOT equal Love. ~Aaron

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You can let go of the how because we are here to surprise and delight you with that feeling, the knowing of when the next step is here.

And as you let go of the concerns and the worry and the details, and you allow yourself to play in the joy of the vibration and feeling of connection – when you are delighting in that feeling the next steps will have light shined brightly.

There will be no question, and as long as there is a question within you toward it, we invite you to release the question and feel the joy.

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