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We also want to speak with you about the Value that you allow yourself.
And when you are thinking about your Sharing (*of your gift) and your Value to others – your value of yourself in BEing… we will say that:
as you increase your feeling of value – and it does not have to be attached to dollar signs – but your Feeling of Value, your Recognizing of the Value in Others…
as you begin to allow yourself to acknowledge your value in an expanded way you will be able to receive value in an expanded way. ~Solarum


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Recognize that there are many out there who are looking for You – they are looking for You.
They are not looking for someone like you – they are looking for You.
You have been a part of their blueprints.
They are looking for the clues, for the signs that you are ready.
And as you are ready to open up to them, they will recognize the signs.
Allow yourself to realize this, dear one.
They are in place. They are looking for you.
Small shifts in your vibration will open the doors and let them in.

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